PodCulture: GeekSpin

The GeekSpin 31: Holiday Special 2009

Another year has almost come and gone, but there is still one little present left under the tree for all the good little geek girls and boys! The GeekSpin returns with the 2009 Holiday Special!

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!

Songs for this episode include:

Blame the Elves by Moneyshot Cosmonauts
The 12 DVDs of Christmas by The Nick Atoms
Lean Christmas by Devo Spice
Sarah Palin Shot Santa’s Reindeer by Karl Brown
Santa’s Gonna Telecommute This Christmas by Power Salad
The Most Commercial Time of the Year by Max DeGroot
Christmas Thong by Robert Lund

The GeekSpin 30: Trock or Treat – Part B

No tricks….just treats in the second half of this year’s Halloween treat. Here comes another show dedicated to the man in the big blue box!

Songs for this episode include:

My Name is John Smith (I am The Doctor) by The Lonely Traveler
Blink by Chameleon Circuit
Who Turned Out the Lights by Harriet Jones and the Former Prime Ministers

The GeekSpin 29: Trock or Treat – Part A

Here is the first installment of your Halloween treat this year gang! A collection of Doctor Who related music centering around The Doctor’s companions from the revived television series!

Be sure to stay tuned for more Whovian goodness headed your way soon!

Songs for this episode include:

Rose by Geoff Smith

Miss Martha by Bad Wolf Bay

Donna’s Song by Exterminate!

The Doctor and I by John Barrowman

The GeekSpin 28: The Wrath of Con

It is that time of year gang where all sorts of geek-gatherings are taking place, and no matter what kind of convention you go to there are ALWAYS certain types of folk who are always off in their own little special world (sometimes a little too much!).

Songs for this episode include:

Fan Fiction by Nuclear Bubble Wrap

Gamer Funk by Rob Balder

Furry by Curt the Camera Guy